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Atelier Hammam

Hammam and Steam bath

Igan Style's Hammam workshop manufactures and sells HAMMAMS and TURKISH BATHROOMS. The cabins are complete and freestanding. If you want to make your Turkish bath cabin and turn your shower cabin into a Turkish bath, we also sell STEAM GENERATORS AND TURKISH BATH KITS to create your customized and unique place.
All you have to do is sit back comfortably, analyze, and choose the best solution! And if you don't find what you need, contact us without obligation; we will gladly help you with your project.


A bit of steam culture: how does the Turkish bath work?

The Turkish bath is a treatment that takes place inside a cabin saturated with water vapor (100% humidity) which forms a fog at a stratified temperature (from 20/25 °C at foot level to 40/50 °C inside height of the head) which, settling on the skin, invites perspiration.
Perspiration, generally less intense than in the sauna, is more than compensated by generally longer permanence times (the result will be a greater loss of liquids).

Can I turn it into a steam room if I already have a shower cabin?

Of course! Igan Style offers kits to transform the shower into a professional steam room. The steam can be enriched with essential oils and combined with color and music therapy.

The steam generators are of different kilowatts and can be placed on top of the cabin or in an adjacent technical room. To avoid too much plumbing work, we can run the plumbing pipes and steam nozzle inside our custom-made shower columns that would otherwise have to be installed on the wall.

What arrangements are needed to install Hammams and Turkish Baths?

We provide all necessary and customized arrangements suitable for the type of cabin installed and the space available. In general, however, a power outlet that supports the power of the steam generator to be installed, a cold and hot water connection for the hand shower and generator, and a floor drain pipe are required. These can be added (they are not mandatory, especially for private settings) to a siphoned drain to drain the boiling water after the steam bath session.

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