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Igan Style is a Friuli-based company that manufactures wellness products such as Saunas, Steam Baths, Emotional Showers, and wellness cabins. It also produces Salt Cabins, Kneipp Paths, Private and Public Spas, Mini Pools, and Lounge Chairs.
Igan Style originated from our passion for Well-being and Wellness and our firm belief that, besides hard work and daily stress, we must be able to care for our mind and body.

More time

for ourselves

distinctive elements of wellness

More time for yourself, more peace of mind, and improved physical condition are the defining elements that have made well-being and wellness a strong and constantly growing market. Please browse our website, lose yourself amid the excitement we offer, and request a non-binding quote from us. We will happily advise you, look for new solutions and walk you through your sensory journey. So, you may become the creator and designer of your own space, not just a mere bystander.

More balance

wellness concept

Igan Style interprets the concept of wellness, intended as a true philosophy of life, aimed at rediscovering your psycho-physical balance and designed to achieve vitality and harmony. Our MISSION is to walk you through the amazing wellness world by manufacturing high-quality, Italian-designed, modern, and refined customized products.


We offer contract and furnishing options that blend simple and elegant lines with high-quality materials for hotels, wellness centers, spas, fitness centers, architectural firms, etc. We manufacture all that is necessary to build a true wellness center: from the planning stage, we design and manufacture all the required equipment: saunas, outdoor saunas, steam baths, emotional showers, salt rooms, Kneipp paths, ice machines, wellness cabins, swimming pools, and mini pools.
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Discover our products now!


We offer easy-to-use options such as experience showers, saunas, outdoor saunas, steam baths, salt walls, equipped showers, swimming pools and whirlpools, mini pools, Kneipp paths in simple assembly kits, wellness cabins, and outdoor gyms to all those looking for well-being and dreaming of making their little piece of paradise.

Discover our products now!