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In tune with our care for the environment, we create these wellness corners either using wooden wellness cabins or our bio climate pergolas, and for those who love aesthetics also in their garden, we build bath houses. Cabins with refined design, customizable and never ordinary. Browse and create the one that fits you! Igan Style will try to help you in the best possible way.

Igan Style’s wooden wellness little cabin design is modern and employs advanced technologies and woods, skillfully assembled, provide a healthy bond with nature, which is even more relaxing if we think that we can bring wellness directly into your backyard, thus creating a small wellness area.

Our bio climate pergolas are built with adjustable aluminum slats, closed on two sides by sliding glass windows and on the remaining sides by walls of our wood. Thereby we combine metal elegance with the beauty of wood and nature in which it is fitted. They are customizable according to your own needs and tastes.