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The Infrared Sauna came back in fashion in recent years, and more and more users are choosing to install it in their homes or hotel rooms to provide added value and pamper their customers.

There is still a lot of confusion about the benefits and features of infrared saunas, and many times people have wrong information about it.

Let’s shed some light on the matter…


The Infrared Technology Sauna is a “dry heat bath” that offers a pleasant feeling of well-being thanks to the radiation of INFRARED panels that heat our bodies like the sun’s rays.

The temperature does not exceed 50-60°C, and this keeps the body from overheating too much and dilates blood vessels by producing endorphins.


Unlike ultraviolet rays, which are harmful to the skin, infrared rays are considered beneficial to humans because electromagnetic waves conduct heat down to the ground.

They heat only the body, not the surrounding air ensuring an even temperature.


Infrared rays can be of different types: IR-A (short with deeper penetration), IR-B (medium that penetrates only in blood vessels), and IR-C (long that penetrates the superficial layer of the epidermis).

What is the difference between FINLAND SAUNA and INFRARED SAUNA?

The most glaring difference is TEMPERATURE: the Finnish sauna fluctuates between 70°C and 90°C; the infrared sauna, as already mentioned, on the other hand, reaches a maximum temperature of about 50-60°C and thus allows a longer stay inside.

Another substantial difference concerns CONSUMPTION. The Sauna with Infrared Panels is MORE ENERGY EFFICIENT than the Finnish sauna.

What are the BENEFITS of the INFRARED SAUNA?

– It helps relieve muscle and joint pain from the heat propagated to the affected area. It is therefore indicated after workouts and in preparation for massage;

– It cleanses the body by detoxifying it and strengthens our immune system by sweating and expelling impurities;

– Combats insomnia and feelings of fatigue by increasing body temperature and improving heart function;

– It improves blood flow and oxygen flow in the body;

– It relaxes the mind.

Are there any CONTRAINDICATIONS for INFRARED SAUNA? When would it be advisable not to use it?

– In the case of febrile states;

– In burns, wounds, and allergic skin reactions;

– If taking insulin;

– When you are on your menstrual period.


Hopefully, we have shed some light on the INFRARED SAUNA cabin that arouses curiosity and perplexity.

Should we haven’t completely convinced you yet, you can always choose a combo cabin: Finnish sauna + Infrared!